Sonic Hydraulics®

Sonic Hydraulics® is a registered trademark and the hydraulics-focused division of Sonic Tractor Parts. Our products offer clients the ideal alternative to higher cost or obsolete products, without sacrificing quality and performance. On average, our products have successfully offered our clients savings of more than 30% in comparison to competitor or OEM products. In an industry where material and labor costs are on a constant rise, the savings we pass on to our clients gives them a much desired advantage in their industry.


All Sonic Hydraulics® products are manufactured in our quality controlled, ISO certified facilities. Administrative and delivery services are handled in our USA based Miami , FL office.

  • We stock 100% of all products in our warehouse.
  • Customized products have short lead times and fast delivery.
  • On a daily basis, hundreds of parts are shipped from our Miami warehouse. 

Our popular Sonic Hydraulics® lines include:

  • Wheel Motors for Lawn & Garden applications 
  • Hydraulic Pumps for Agricultural applications
  • Hydraulic Motors for Agricultural applications
  • Hydraulic Motors for Commercial and Industrial applications
  • Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Steering Control Units

We are proud to offer you our line of hydraulic products under our Sonic Hydraulics® brand and are committed to continuing our goal of providing quality products at affordable prices.

Please contact our offices at 305-594-0777 to receive a customized quotation and or additional product information.

All OEM names and numbers mentioned are for reference only.
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